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    Anyone interested in the culinary or design spheres has an appreciation for Nordic style and its influence in design on a global scale. This widespread love for all things Scandi inspired has nestled in and made itself right at home at RADIO in Copenhagen. Located just 100 meters from the lakes of Copenhagen, RADIO takes its namesake from the city’s old Radio House nearby. The Noma inspired restaurant has been designed to be “welcoming, modern and urban, yet strongly connected to the landscapes and people”, explains the creators.

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    Opened by Claus Meyer, who also opened Noma in 2003, RADIO is welcoming and modern indeed – the pared back, simplified interiors of the restaurant are pure design perfection. The work of Christina Meyer Bengtsson and Ulrik Nordentoft, the projects design was received significant input from head chefs and owners Jesper Kirketerp and Rasmus Kliim. The wooden floors and walls bring warmth to the clean space while the Tom Dixon Slab chairs and custom made tables by Danish boatbuilder Per Bådbygger add a sleekness to the industrial style space with its rustic walls.

    Est Magazine Radio Copenhagen Interiors 02

    Est Magazine Radio Copenhagen Interiors

    The year before opening, the RADIO team planted two hectares of vegetables in fields exclusively used for organic farming over the past 20 years. Today the 80+ crops grown in the garden form the very foundation of the vegetable based menu at RADIO. From grains to fruits, fish, meat and poultry, local farmers and fisherman provide the restaurant with the highest quality produce. The standard for using homegrown, quality ingredients in the menu, together with the standard for good design in the interiors has been well and truly set in Copenhagen’s booming cuisine scene.

    Est Magazine Radio Copenhagen Food 02

    Est Magazine Radio Copenhagen Food Farm

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    Est Magazine Radio Copenhagen Food

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