Residence DVB by Dries De Malsche

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    Embedded in a resort town along the Belgian Coast, Dries De Malsche’s Residence DVB is a warm and tranquil family home, with its own unique twists and turns.

    Belgian interior designer Dries De Malsche creates personal spaces characterised by a strong sense of detail. Asked to design a light and clean, yet warm family abode in the coastal town of Knokke, the designer has created a calming place to call home through custom details and a very Belgian material palette.

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    The kitchen features a sculptural marble island with custom sink, cleverly moulded into a dining nook.

    The design studio conceptualised a home that hones stripped-back style, with a welcoming, functional nature for a family. “The architecture is embedded in the local context, near the coast, with respect to tradition and embracing the essence of life by creating a feeling of warmth and authenticity,” Dries De Malsche says. The home has a natural focus, creating spaces which take advantage of sunlight and a connection with the established garden.

    The kitchen and living room are deliberately segmented, allowing them to provide family spaces for relaxation and entertainment. There’s a curvaceous theme throughout; the hallways feature curling structures, enhanced through lighting which follow the waves along with the ceiling.

    Dries De Malsche introduced a soft and textured material palette with prominent use of Travertine and oak and natural mineral plaster creating a sense of repose. “We chose rough terracotta flooring in kitchen and wellness area combined it with tactile materials such as onyx which is perfect to combine with a warm hidden lighting,” Dries De Malsche says. “The calm atmosphere of the interior was above all expectations and is really the highlight of this house,” he adds.

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    637 Utrecht Armchairs in dusty pink bring subtle colour into the living space.

    For this project, the Belgian interior design studio spared no effort in introducing notable fixtures, furniture and fittings from New York Lighting Studio Apparatus, Italian design house Minotti and Gessi. In the living room, the dusty pink Utrecht Armchairs sit by custom the fireplace, complimenting the soft material palette.

    Dries De Malsche’s Residence DVB is a modern family home that makes a subtle statement through bespoke intervention. “We care for a great sense of detail and are very thankful for the confidence the client has given us to reach for the next level of craftsmanship, which makes this home unique and very personal, “Dries De Malsche affirms.

    “Since the residence is located near the coastline and surrounded by dunes, all materials and shapes refer to the colour and feeling of sand and sea. All flooring is very textured, referring to the feeling of walking on sand, while all details are rounded and soft.”


    – Dries De Malsche

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    The bathroom features a curved marble sink and Gessi fixtures and fittings.

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