Residential Project D by Dennis T’Jampens

  • Residential Project D by Dennis T'Jampens

    Step inside a barn-inspired home on the leafy outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, designed by Belgian architect Dennis T’Jampens.

    Located on the edge of Belgium’s ‘Diamond City’, Residential Project D comprises an extension and renovation of an existing Belgian farmhouse. Intended for a couple with two young children, Dennis T’Jampens prioritised unity and connectivity, making each space occur simultaneously. We pay particular attention to the star of the home, the loft-style main bedroom and ensuite. 

    Being on holiday in another country was what Dennis had in mind for the master bedroom and ensuite; a place to relax and disconnect. True to Belgium farmhouses, the bedroom features a gabled roof with exposed oak beams, adding warmth and depth to the space. The open ceiling extends to the ensuite, where it is reinforced by a series of pocket-sized skylights.

    The material palette in the master bedroom is subtle and sedative – variations of oak, limestone, concrete and marble generate a soothing, ‘holiday-esque’ environment. The ensuite showcases white marble with streaks of silver and rose, contrasted against matte-black finishes. The spacious shower adds an element of luxury and indulgence – something you would seek when holidaying in another country.

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    The shower offers private views of the surrounding landscape.

    “In each project, I design, you have to feel my hand in every room,” Dennis says, “there has to be unity”. Residential Project D’s kitchen and communal spaces evoke the same feeling as the master bedroom and ensuite; that feeling of escape. The same organic, timeless materials are carried into these spaces, ensuring that the home feels cohesive and every masterstroke intentional.

    The landscaping and interiors also complement each other, Dennis mentions. Typical for the location, the plot of land where the house is built is substantial and covered in trees. Resting at the back of the site, Dennis constructed a concrete ‘catwalk’ that runs through the garden to the front entrance.

    “It always makes me very proud and happy to see my concepts come to life at the end of a project, not only for me but for my clients,” Dennis reflects. Residential Project D is undoubtedly the product of this kind of dedication and passion for design, with each element being thoughtfully considered and executed.

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