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    We’re exploring how to recreate a resort-like experience by the pool or at the beach house with the Resort Outdoor Shower by Armando Vicario.

    Once reserved as a vacation luxury, outdoor showers now frequent the most alluring of homes featured on est. Conjuring up an image of barefoot luxury at home, the new freestanding Resort Outdoor Shower by Italian brand Armando Vicario taps into the appeal of showering outdoors through its exceptional craftsmanship and unique design features.

    Join us as we go poolside and then to the coastline to explore how the Resort Outdoor Shower can offer a premium, yet practical solution to recreating a resort-like backyard at home.

    Produced in partnership with Abey Australia

    An Outdoor Shower Poolside

    When it comes to a home complete with an outdoor pool it’s important to consider how best to maximise an existing layout, particularly in an urban environment. The addition of a minimal and sculpturally linear shower, such as the Armando Vicario Resort Outdoor Shower is the perfect pairing to transform any poolside area into a modern oasis with a renewed sense of purpose.

    Post swim showers wash away the chlorine offering a smooth transition from pool to the patio for alfresco dining under the stars. Equally enjoyable is a shower under the warm open sky during the summer months; the Resort Outdoor Shower allowing for an immersive experience amongst natural surroundings.

    When it comes to recreation and entertainment in poolside spaces – as in Ryan Leidner’s Twin Gable’s House or Butler Armsden’s Valley of the Moon House – a simple and streamlined outdoor shower with an industrial edge fits best. Rather than detracting from the exterior architecture, the Resort Outdoor Showers’ freestanding sculptural form celebrates craftsmanship and a commitment to functionality, with a modern and polished stainless-steel chrome finish ensuring it will withstand the elements.

    An Outdoor Shower by the Beach

    Clean-lined, durable and antibacterial qualities make stainless steel a sophisticated outdoor shower option – especially when it comes to harsh coastal environments. The Resort Outdoor Shower from Armando Vicario’s latest bathroom collection captures all the functional benefits important in an outdoor shower to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Constructed from high-grade 316 stainless steel, this durable material is especially resilient to our harsher Australian climates and built to resist both corrosion and salinity, making it the perfect inclusion for a beach house setting.

    Function and form met harmoniously when it came to crafting the Resort Outdoor Shower. While the expertise of Italian construction ensures a timeless and superior quality, a focus on human-centred design has ensured a minimal and sleek silhouette. The result is a streamlined shower that doesn’t distract from the natural beachside surroundings. In a coastal setting, we especially love the black finish for its understated and contemporary and low-fi feel.

    Living beachside, especially along the Australian coastline, summons salty skin and sandy feet, so rinsing away the salt and sand after an ocean swim or surf presents the perfect way to refresh and revive before heading back indoors.

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