Di Lorenzo Tiles

Di Lorenzo Tiles

Di Lorenzo Tiles is a family owned and operated business. They commenced trading in 1983, and now have several retail showrooms across Sydney. They are leaders in the industry, selling to the residential, commercial and retail market.

Di Lorenzo have been importing tiles from around the world for over 30 years. Their products are often described as beautiful, glamorous and unique, by many leaders in the design industry. They are often featured in the works of many interior design & architectural projects.

Every product that is imported is of the highest quality and at the forefront of fashion & design. Every year, the Di Lorenzo Family head back to Italy for the annual tile trade show in Bologna, and here the collections for the next year are carefully selected, ensuring  the best products available. They also import products from other parts of the world, Spain, Asia, and UAE to name a few, ensuring there is the best range of products available to chose from.



Di Lorenzo Tiles Products