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Halcyon Lake source, design and provide only the products that they believe in and they are proud to have a long history – and exciting future – of working closely with their clients doing so. Their rugs and carpets are made with integrity and careful attention to detail. Subtle but characterful, they’re relevant to contemporary interior design that focuses on enduring style.

Halcyon Lake was founded by Noel Kiely, the first to bring Berber carpets to Australia. Their modest, raw aesthetic was the starting point for a passion that grew into a family business, now in its fifth decade. In sharing their knowledge of craftsmanship, skilled production and the stories of different styles, Halcyon Lake forge lasting relationships with architects, interior designers and individual customers. Their goal is always to help create cohesive projects, in which the rugs and carpets contribute to harmonious, beautiful spaces.

Halcyon Lake's team travel often to connect with their makers and manufacturers, some of whom they have worked alongside since the 1970s. The quality of their processes and finished products is impeccable – Halcyon Lake are honoured to share their histories, traditions and artistry. Twice a year, Halcyon Lake also take the opportunity to hand-select additions to their unique collection of vintage rugs.

Halcyon Lake want to provide you with the best experience of selecting the perfect rug or carpet. Their motto is simple – buy once, buy well.
3 Prince Patrick Street
Richmond Victoria 3121
Mon–Sat: 10am to 5pm

658 Church Street
Richmond Victoria 3121

T: +61 (3) 9421 1113
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