The Courtyard House

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    Behind an unassuming façade, Robson Rak’s Courtyard House opens up to reveal a pared-back modern design mixed with luxurious materials and practical detailing. The existing building has been altered and extended by the architects, with the interior design responding to the client’s love of Japanese architecture and rituals.

    Robson Rak’s brief called for a complete modernisation and re-fit of the 1980s home. Modern amenities such as a lift, wine cellar and butler’s pantry were added along with furniture and fittings that would achieve linearity throughout the home. Built-in seating and joinery avoids interrupting this flow with superfluous furniture.

    Situated on a 7.5m x 46m site with minimal street presence, the Courtyard House is lodged between two large double storey residences. Despite sitting boundary to boundary, the house is flooded with natural light via long, lean skylights and cleverly placed courtyards. The truly innovative aspect of this home is that one can live within it while feeling removed from the noise and stress of day-to-day life that is just outside. It is a building to both experience life and take refuge.

    Robson Rak Courtyard House Entrance Est Living

    The entry living room features the stunning leather De Sede daybed from DOMO, a side table from Cult Design, artwork from Otomys, rug from Halcyon Lake.

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    Courtyard House Robson Rak smg est living

    As an integral aspect of the design, Robson Rak collaborated closely with landscaper Ed Purcey on the external spaces to create the desired outcome of reflection and relaxation.

    Robson Rak Courtyard House Kitchen Est Living

    The kitchen was built by SinjenArtwork from Otomys, Lumi table light from Articolo and tapware by Zipwater.

    Robson Rak Courtyard House Dining2 Est Living

    A dining space for long evening meals with friends and family. We can imagine Sunday Supper’s beef roast featured here very nicely – maybe with some Miles Davis playing quietly in the background. Atticus table from Hub FurnitureThonet chairs, light from Produzione Privata and a custom leather banquette designed by Robson Rak with leather sourced from INSTYLE.

    Robson Rak Courtyard House Dining Est Living

    Robson Rak Courtyard House Kitchen1 Est Living

    Courtyard House Robson Rak main smg est living

    Courtyard House Robson Rak office smg est living

    Paying bills wouldn’t seem so bad from this home office! Chair from Apato, small mirror from Resident GP, rug from Halcyon Lake and lamp by Tom Dixon.

    Courtyard House Robson Rak cellar smg est living

    Every room has a strong connection with nature; even the cellar – beautifully lined with more custom leather banquette seating by Robson Rak – has a low window looking out to the courtyard.


    PHOTOGRAPHY: Shannon McGrath

2 comments on “The Courtyard House

  1. Beautiful house, with gorgeous detailing
    I do worry about the wine. The bottles need to lay completely flat to keep the corks moist, otherwise they dry out, the seal is compromised and the wine will oxidise. Daylight is a non no as well, it contributes to the disintegration of the wine. Hopefully there is a block out blind cleverly concealed somewhere.

  2. Hi Bethanie – we love the detailing as well! We read that the sunlight in the cellar was specifically designed to not affect the wine, so there may well be a block-out curtain. And, who knows? It might be a very well used cellar!

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