Rodolfo Dordoni for KnIndustrie

  • Timber Tonic knindustrie Cookware Chocolate Est Magazine

    Sometimes to be inspired to cook – you just need to have beautiful cookware – or is that just our excuse?

    With this beautiful range of cookware designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for KnIndustrie, we find ourselves staring lovingly at the kitchen imagining how happy we would be stirring, simmering and sizzling away for all and sundry to share in, if only we could be the proud owners of this sophisticated range of cooking necessities from Italy.


    Timber Tonic knindustrie Cookware Chocolate Est Magazine

    Timber Tonic knindustrie Cookware Frying Pan Est Magazine

    Timber Tonic knindustrie Cookware Pans Est Magazine

    It’s funny how you just don’t know what your missing until you see it – and thats what happened when we stumbled upon this non stick range of cookware in our favourite colour – white.

    Timber Tonic knindustrie Cookware Sets Est Magazine

    Taking elegance to a new level, the range comes with a silicone lid for cooking and a mahogany lid to keep the heat in when moving from stove to table, to then multi task as a trivet to prevent the pot then of course burning the table. And for small spaces the clip on and off handle means less space needed for storage. Genius.

    Timber and Tonic ABCT 17 Piece Cookware Set Est Magazine

    We also like that it looks a bit Vincent Van Duysen in style too.

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