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    The Rogerseller showroom in Richmond, Melbourne has long been a mecca for anyone looking for the ultimate in bathroom luxe and kitchen couture. A recent tour of their industrial chic show room floor had as at hello right at the front door.  Staring us down, in the front room window, was the most magnificent sauna we had ever clapped eyes on. Yes we have a predilection for scandi design – but a sauna was not something we had been coveting – white washed walls, timber floors and black accents maybe – but a sauna – in our office – not really on our itinerary. Until now. We NEED a Sky Line Sauna in the office. Now.

    Rogerseller Sauna Est Magazine

    Canadian Hemlock timber, Glass walls to allow the light to flood in, and streamlined seating/bedding compliment this freestanding piece of furniture that we are sure you will agree is as essential to your general well being as air conditioning is on 40 degree day. Detox the system, sweat out the impurities and we promise you’ll be all the better for it. Retreats like Camp eden and The Golden Door recommend a cold shower before a 10 minute stint in the sauna, followed by another cold shower, another ten minutes in the sauna, then another cold shower and the third and final ten minute stint in the sauna – to really clean out those impurities – your pores will be noticeably smaller, your body will glow and the impurities will be well gone. We tell you – every home should have one.

    Rogerseller Hammam Est Magazine

    If a free standing sauna is a little too over bearing for your personal space – then the alternative is the Hamman shower. These inbuilt steam rooms can easily be added to you shower cubicle to give your bathroom a fully customised turkish bath makeover, giving you a therapeutic treatment for your entire body, using aromatherapy and chromotherapy to really iron out those knots and kinks.  Hectic lives are here to stay, its how you deal with them that makes the difference. Hamman to that.

    Looking for inspiration to overhaul your life? Join the Rogerseller 90 Days of Wellness for inspiration on how to make the small changes that make the difference. Your body will thank you for it.

    Rogerseller 90 Days of Wellness Est Magazine

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