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Rustic Canyon by Walker Workshop

Drawing inspiration from the original Hacienda vernacular, Rustic Canyon combines a generous openness with a natural embrace of the surrounding landscape. Walker Workshop propose a series of interconnected, yet separate pavilions that intercept and connect across the site through a shared warmth.

As the form sits nestled into a canyon of the same name, the private and reclusive home is tucked into place while remaining seemingly open to the surroundings. In its densely landscaped setting, the bold and light proportions of the home offer a welcomed balance, clearly visible yet distinctly different.

Coming together as a formation of similar proportioned parts, four separate pavilion forms extend outward from a central convening space. Defying the traditional ideas of enclosure within a residence, the defining characteristic of the home is one of openness; toward the landscape and between the internal parts to continually remind its residents of a sense of place.

Through the lens of interior designer Lisa Petrazzolo, an overall warmth binds the home and its parts, with a series of muted tones used throughout, given depth by textural elements. The encasing stucco masonry forms the main mass of the home and defines the exterior, while generous swaths of glazing allow framed connections between the inside and out. Timber is used internally alongside painted plaster to emphasise a sense of calm.

The centrally located dining space brings a curation of custom and collected furniture, artwork and lighting elements as a place to gather and socialise.

A shared warmth features throughout, with similar tones defining both the exterior form and all of the internal elements, elevated further with accents of handmade stone, steel and brass.

Surrounded by natural light, glass and steel partitions allow the surroundings to feel like an extension of the home, naturally illuminating the spaces.

A rhythm is created through repetition, scale, and containment of volumes across the site. The large and thinly framed steel windows then mark the boundary of the home while still offering a sense of connection between inside and out. The central living volumes house the kitchen and living areas, all surrounded by glass, made to feel like a terrarium of sorts by the immersion among the natural elements.

The Los Angeles home is an idyllic retreat among its surroundings, and it allows a connection to nature while not with any compromises of an urban setting. Rustic Canyon and its voluminous interiors allow the home to breathe, openable to allow breezes and the weather to pass through the spaces throughout the year. Walker Workshop and Lisa Petrazzolo have conjured a relaxing place that feels even further removed from civilisation than it is.

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