San Francisco Pied-a-Terre by Garcia Tamjidi

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    Full of ‘architecturally significant moves’, this San Francisco apartment by Californian studio Garcia Tamjidi is a taste of what it is to live luxuriously, with less.

    Situated on the 12th floor of a building in San Francisco’s Russian Hill, this pied-a-terre with views to boot is a part-time place to return to after long nights at the office. The unapologetically minimalist abode favours clean lines and a light and airy atmosphere, to bring clarity and ease to the busy mind.

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    The centrally located apartment is privy to iconic city sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridge, dedicating an entire wall to this glass vista. Garcia Tamjidi didn’t want what was inside to be detrimental to these prize views, so kept to quality finishes and polished details. The first port of call was the flooring, to which Garcia Tamjidi introduced oak. This was in welcome company to the oak cabinetry and cedar panels that run throughout.

    Garcia Tamjidi have executed a barely-there aesthetic by investing in the beauty of sculpture and flow. Quite literally, a Martin Puryear sculpture ‘Face Down’ (2008) courtesy of the John Berggruen Gallery, is perched at the end of the long hallway. But the hallway itself is sculptural in form, with walls that can be slid open or tightly closed, creating either a fluid sensibility or one of safety and enclosure.

    In the kitchen, sculptural precision is on show at the slender Calacatta Borghini Marble kitchen workshop and built-in beige and white cabinets. Within the crisp cabinetry lies first class appliances from Meile and Subzero. Calacatta Oro Marble and Graffite Marble make an appearance in the bathroom and powder room, fitted out with Dronbracht fixtures. Furniture highlights include the Folding Stool by Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen and the Sectional Sofa by Michel Club for B&B Italia, in the company of the Plat Coffee Table by Kendo Moniliari.

    Garcia Tamjidi have ensured this high quality apartment works successfully on two levels. On one level, as an architectural experimentation with volume and the play of light and shadow, and on the other, as a restful place to slow down at the end of the day.

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    “…the pocket of a dining area is suffused with light from a custom pendant—a piece of art in and of itself—and oriented around a sturdy column whose shape both comforts and orients the visitor…”

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