Sandbjerg Residence by Norm Architects

  • Sandbjerg Residence by Norm Architects

    We’re whisked away to North Zealand, Denmark to explore Norm Architects’ refurbishment of an old country house, the Sandbjerg Residence.

    It’s no secret every project Norm Architects touch, we’re quick to set our eyes on at est. A dedication to their craft has enkindled a widely-admired aesthetic, commemorating the true essence of Danish design. 

    Norm Architects’ passion for locally-sourced materials and traditional Danish architecture brought them to a private residence in Northern Zealand, north of Copenhagen. They were tasked with overhauling the interiors of an old Danish country house, complete with a rendered chalky taupe facade, paned windows, granite stone and a thatched roof. 

    In a bid to bring the country house charm within, Norm Architects have created a unique union of age-old materials and contemporary minimalism.

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    The Sandbjerg Residence is the ideal country escape, comprising of a pool, tennis court and greenhouse. Norm Architects were approached to complete the interiors of the home, for an active family who often entertain guests. The design team took inspiration from the family’s lifestyle and frequent travel, designing earthy, neutral spaces that seamlessly blend into one another. Natural, local materials and different levels define each space and their function within the home. 

    The home is tailored to its residents through bespoke elements. In the entrance, Norm Architects designed a bench from sawn smoked oak and Royal Nubuk Leather from Sørensen Leather. They also designed an elegant bar cabinet in dark oak and blackened iron. In the bedroom, oak-panelled walls keep hidden and open storage, as well as storage niches next to the bed and in the bathroom. 

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    A standout space in the home is the dining room, with a sculptural dining table at the centre. Evocative of a grand ballroom, chandeliers and large arched windows offer the space a stately atmosphere, cocooned by textured walls and stone floors. These stone floors reappear in the bathroom, while Norm Architects selected Dinesen Douglas Fir Pine floors in all other spaces.  

    Just as in the Audo, Norm Architects concealed the bathroom in the master bedroom behind large oak doors that mirror the wood-panelled walls. The bathroom features custom stone basins, Vola taps, and neighbours a walk-in closet. Here, Norm Architects have created a gentle place of retreat, with natural light filtering through sand linen curtains. 

    The Sandbjerg Residence demonstrates Norm Architects’ enduring design appeal, through a style that transcends context. They’ve delivered a country house that speaks authentically through materials, only to age beautifully with time, wear and tear.

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