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    A slice of Scandinavian minimalism in the heart of Paris, Saturne Restaurant adopts a less is more ethos from the design of the decor to each individual dish served up on a plate. Named after Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture, Saturne revels in the pleasure of unusual flavour pairings in in terms of produce while giving Parisians a fresh and modern serve of Scandinavian minimalism on the side.

    A distinct departure from traditional Parisian décor, Saturne’s white walls are lined with Serge Mouille sconces while the ceiling is dotted in woven ‘cloud’ pendant lighting. A steel-buttressed glass skylight from the building’s former days as a library accents the open dining room while blonde wood furnishings and flooring complete the Nordic loft-style feel.

    Chef Sven Chartier and Sommelier Ewen Lemoigne deliver a rustic yet refined dining experience where quality and simplicity are the order of the day. Meals prepared in the open kitchen celebrate the beauty of individual ingredients presented artfully on organic shaped ceramic plates. Expertly matched, low-sulfite wines are selected from the glassed-case wine cabinet that displays just some of the impressive 100,000 bottles on offer.

    If you are wondering who comes to dine at Saturne we can tell you that the crowd here is a mixture of suits, wine-enthusiasts and foodies alike, all coming together to fill the air with the sounds of corks popping and animated conversation.

    Est Magazine Saturn Paris Feature Image

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    Est Magazine Saturne

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