Scaling with Refined Style

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    Australia may be blessed with bountiful space, but changes in the way we live – and who we live with – means we don’t always need a large lot. While this may be mean downsizing from a family home, it comes as a welcome opportunity to step into refined apartment living. 

    Emerging Australian brand Kett recognises this shift, tapping into the myriad of ways modern Australians live. Lead by Australian designer Justin Hutchinson, Kett is a return to handcrafted furniture with a local twist. Exclusively distributed by Cosh Living, Kett’s collections pay homage to our coastlines in a rich material palette, crafted contemporary form and timeless character. 

    Cosh Living Director Colin Kupke is well aware thoughtful design is demanded on the journey from the typical provincial home to the apartment. In partnership with Cosh Living, we’re making the most of a scaled space — proving square feet quantity certainly doesn’t come at the cost of quality Australian design.

    Produced in partnership with Cosh Living

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    Comfort is key when designing for the apartment. Upholstered in leather or fabric, the Johanna Side Chair offers curved, cushioned comfort that makes it more than just a seat at the table. To save space, the elegant side chairs can be taken from the head of the table and welcomed into the bedroom, dressing room or study space – readily accessed for entertaining. 

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    Gone are the days of a designated dining room – apartment living all about the integrated, open plan layout. For this place of congregation, Cosh Living Director Colin Kupke recommends a rectangular dining table, as “it occupies less space than a round table in catering for the same number of people”. Reminiscent of the Otway Ranges Mountain Ash and clouded coastline, the Otway Dining Table has a refined timber profile and porcelain top; the soft edges allowing for easy flow in a shared space.

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    If you’re looking at creating a versatile living space, the armchair is worthy of your consideration. The curvaceous Johanna Occasional Chair can occupy the tricky corners and without a high back, it doesn’t “sap the space from the room”. The chair is least likely to obstruct a city view, while offering the ideal spot to soak it up with a stream of sunlight.

    Round may not be first choice for dining, but it’s certainly wise to lean on this shape for a coffee table. Easy to manoeuvre, the Otway Coffee Table offers variation to angular forms and lines – a match well made with the Johanna Ottoman. For resting the feet or an extra side table and seat, Colin Kupke suggests the multi-purpose ottoman; “they take little space, don’t impose and can create interesting character to a room”.

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    Earthy tones and textures are essential to the Kett ethos and with the grainy appeal of natural fibres, the Otway Sofa keeps in mind an Australian palette. Consistent with the Kett Range, the timber legs elevate the sofa from the floor, for an illusion of space. The Otway Sofa also understands that no two scaled spaces are the same, available in both set size and modular configurations.

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    Storage is always front of mind when scaling. Essential to the process is furniture that gives you additional room to put your things away. The Otway Side Table is mindful of this balance, finessing form and functionality by hiding bits and bobs behind the carefully crafted timber draws.

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    Take a look through the Kett collection on Cosh Living, or view the est favourites here

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