Scalpellino House by Biasol

  • Scalpellino House by Biasol

    Biasol pay tribute to a Melbourne family’s history in the art of stonemasonry through their striking Scalpellino House. 

    Scalpellino is the Italian translation for the age-old craft of stonemasonry. It’s a name befitting to Melbourne design studio Biasol’s latest project; an arresting home for the Bartucca family of Bartucca Tiling and Construction. The Bartucca family are successive generations of stonemasons; tracing back to the legacy of Italian-born Frank Bartucca who grew up in Rome. Frank Bartucca worked as a stonemason from the age of 13 and passed on his passion and skills for the profession through the family business in Melbourne. 

    Backed by his own Italian roots, Biasol director Jean-Pierre has recited the Bartucca family’s fervent appreciation for natural stone from the front entrance of the Scalpellino House. Just as in Biasol’s Casa Chiaroscuro project, where natural light juxtaposes dark surfaces, the Scalpellino House studies the beauty and craftsmanship of stone in the home. 

    Jean-Pierre Biasol says the clients requested a two-storey family home that captured modern living with ample storage and space while placing a spotlight on the family’s craft and heritage. Naturally, this meant stone should be the showpiece in every room. “The design of Scalpellino House showcases the profession and passion of the Bartucca family, whose legacy of Italian craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Bartucca Tiling and Construction,” Jean-Pierre says.

    The Signorino Bluestone Honed and Sawn clad exterior sets the tone and upon entry, threads its way through the interior’s long footprint. Notably, this bluestone has been used for the floating staircase that anchores all levels, with a bluestone backdrop accentuating the stone’s inherent monolithic quality. Stone continues to be the focal point in every other space, on a bed of White Oiled European Oak timber flooring from Woodcut.

    Biasol have explored custom joinery, as well as stone walls and floors, challenging and enhancing the possibilities of each type of stone used – from Artedomus Concordia Slabs Honed, Artedomus Livio Honed to the Signorino Cosmic Gold Honed. Dulux Snow Season Lexicon white walls ensure eyes are drawn to the stone’s unique details. “We glorified the beauty and character of the stone to create truly unique joinery and spaces,” Jean-Pierre affirms.  

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    The living space exudes sophistication through the custom stone joinery, accentuated by furnishings such as the Rose pink Redondo armchairs by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

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    The home’s exterior, spine wall and staircase feature Signorino Bluestone Honed and Sawn.

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    Signorino Cosmic Gold granite is an imposing sculptural design statement in the kitchen where gold streaks are underscored by the polished, dark wooden joinery. This dramatic stone is further used to connect the kitchen with the dining and living area through custom joinery; providing both storage and a spot to display special pieces. Attune to the sense of luxury the Signorino Cosmic Gold granite emits, Biasol have layered the home with soft and velvety textures, as seen in the Rose pink Redondo armchairs by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso and the Olive leather Flow Dining Chairs by Jean Marie Massaud for MDF Italia.

    In the bedroom, a sumptuous Navy Tufty Bed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia echos the living room furnishings, in the refined company of the Artedomus New Volumes Collection and Davide Groppi Miss Suspension Lamp for de de ce. Artisanal lighting from Articolo Lighting also features in the stairwell and powder room.

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    The master bedroom features a Navy Tufty Bed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, Artedomus New Volumes Collection and the Davide Groppi Miss Suspension Lamp for de de ce.

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    Jean-Pierre says the monochromatic bathrooms and powder room were treated as immersive spaces, wrapped in marble from top-to-toe. Livio marble features in the ground floor bathroom, contrasting the Concordia powder room. “The powder room is a highlight of the home, crafted to look like one monolithic piece of stone,” he says. “The effect is dramatic and revealed in a theatrical manner upon entering.”

    The Scalpellino House is a thoughtful salute to the Bartucca family’s stonemasonry heritage. The home is a union of design, stone and artisanry achieved through Biasol’s careful detailing, where natural stone is compelling both as an individual and collective statement.

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