Sculptor Kieu Tran Debuts in Californian Exhibition

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    As the artist in residence at Local Language in Oakland, California until the end of October 2021, Kieu Tran presents her debut collection, titled ‘BLOOM’.

    A rising talent in the art world, Vietnamese-American sculptor Kieu Tran presents her first exhibition in Oakland, California.

    Kieu’s passion for art was shaped by studying art history. Both in America where her studio is based, and abroad in Italy and Germany. Her elegant and biomorphic clay and wooden sculptures are an exploration of human transformation and growth. “A reminder of how we are all continually growing even when we do not feel like we are blooming,” Kieu says.

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    The ‘Journey’ sculpture reminds one to focus on taking the next step.

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    The ‘In Transition’ sculpture signifies the discomfort of growth.

    The concept for Kieu’s exhibition was born from her recent decision to leave her financially secure role as a software engineer to become a full-time artist. Kieu’s clay work resonates with her personal experience.  “It needs to undergo a lot of transformation to arrive at its final form, which speaks to the human experience,” she says. Her works are also translated into two-dimensional freestanding wood sculptures which Kieu hopes will remind people of their own strength; “To encourage them to keep striving for what they truly want despite self-doubt, invisible barriers and glass ceilings.”

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    Kieu’s ‘That Girl’ sculpture captures the spirit of women, especially women of colour.

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    The ‘Searching’ clay piece alludes to society’s screen culture.

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