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  • Seen Skin by Golden

    Providing a space for pause, connection and transformation, Seen Skin by Golden is an urban example of a wellness retreat that reflects an honest approach to finding beauty in balance.

    Designed as a hidden gem off the busy and well-beaten track of Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Prahran, Seen Skin by Golden embraces a Wabi-Sabi approach to design and materiality. The modern and organic aesthetic of the pared-back interior provides a refreshing juxtaposition to its setting within a narrow heritage building.

    The team behind Melbourne design studio Golden are no strangers to designing restorative spaces. With a repertoire including the acclaimed Warrior One yoga studio, Sum of Us pilates studio and Bob Hair Salon, Seen Skin clinic was the result of a harmonious collaboration with specialist builder S&K Group which has produced a flagship destination for beauty and wellness.

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    Inspired by the clinic’s commitment to long-term, sustainable skin health, thoughtful spatial planning and considered materiality, both physically and symbolically honour this grounding ethos. At once calming and visually soothing, Seen Skin provides a visual connection to nature through its thoughtful application of earthly-inspired, tonal hues and unique, textural finishes.

    Offering a retail space at street-level, waiting room and multiple treatments rooms, Golden have ensured each space transitions smoothly from one to the next. A curved wall that features a carefully hand-trowled plaster finish, invites a full circle visual journey back to the glass brick entrance which cleverly separates the private waiting area, without compromising on space.

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    The leather upholstered Diiva Stools from Grazia&Co. add an elegant touch to the retail space.

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    Setting the ambiance for holistic healing, the tonal palette includes nude, chalk, grey and terracotta which all signal to honest, raw and natural elements. Treatment doors have been inlaid with Kvadrat’s Maharam jute wallpaper and finished with Buster & Punch handles from Living Edge which offer a focal point to the otherwise restrained treatment rooms.

    Seen Skin by Golden is a transformative wellness experience. Framing the client experience from arrival through to departure, Golden’s reductionist approach is testament to their intuitive understanding of the impact that environments have on our wellbeing, and for Seen Skin ensures an immersive, sensory introduction to the world of holistic healing in an urban setting.

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