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    We discovered the beautiful work of photographer Seth Smoot recently thanks to our new stylist-at-large, New York based Kate Jordan and agent Pat Bates who also happens to represent Seth. Having spent some of my childhood years growing up in the central Australian desert, I was intrigued to learn that Seth spent his childhood growing up in the southern Utah desert town of Provo.

    You don’t come across many desert kids living in the city, and as a child let loose in the great open plains of the never never, left to your own devices to entertain yourself day, after hot sweltering day, it’s inevitable that you feel a common bond with those who know only too well the magical powers the desert can have over you. But while I was dodging the big red roo’s trapped inside the local pool fence and trying not to get kicked or scratched, Seth was collecting bugs and insects to examine and observe, teaching himself from a young age the powers of observation.

    As a still life specialist of sorts, Seth’s work in interiors and portraits captures moments as if the viewer had just been an active participant in their making. Compelling and intriguing…its just the way we like our imagery Mr Smoot.

    BY Sian MacPherson

    Seth Smoot Est Magazine


    4 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    3 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    2 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    1 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    5 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    7 Seth Smoot Est Magazine

    Photography Seth Smoot

    Thanks to Pat Bates for this Q & A with Seth

    Trend you miss: I grew up in the 80’s. I feel like everything I grew up with is back, or has been redone several times over…for better or worse.

    Influential movie: I always loved Bonnie & Clyde. They had some serious attitude.

    Motto: Know your influences but don’t let them rule you.

    Prized possession: My family

    On the nightstand: The Great Gatsby and a lamp that’s not plugged in

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