Showering in Luxury: Three Design-led Bathroom Collections

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    A luxurious bathroom is the perfect balance of form meets function. Rogerseller’s in-house-designed bathroom collections capture this harmony for the ultimate showering experience. Join us as we discover their latest addition to this collection; Tectonic.

    With timeless contemporary design, beautiful craftsmanship and innovative technology, Rogerseller’s bathroom collections do more than look good. They deliver a luxurious and indulgent shower experience, from a gentle waterfall to generous downpour and with inspiration drawn from classic design icons. We take a closer look at Rogerseller’s in-house-designed collections: Eccentric, Strata and its revolutionary new range, Tectonic.

    Eccentric Collection by Rogerseller:

    Inspired by the timeless design icon of an art deco microphone, Rogerseller’s Eccentric Collection has us singing our favourite tune in the shower. The beautifully crafted Eccentric Dual Rail Shower offers the perfect duet of overhead rose and hand shower for an indulgent yet practical experience.

    Adjust the temperature and pressure with the Eccentric Progressive Wall Mixer, which employs unconventional technology for greater user safety and energy savings. The round dial opens with a low-pressure, cold position that increases in warmth and pressure with the turn of the dial. The Eccentric collection is available in brushed gold, brushed nickel, graphite, chrome and classic matt black to complement any bathroom scheme.

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    Eccentric shower image courtesy of Rogerseller

    Strata Collection by Rogerseller:

    The simplest things in life are often the best, and Rogerseller’s Strata collection is simplicity at its finest. The elegant and slim design of the ceiling and wall arm belie the wide, voluminous spray emitted from the Strata Shower Rose.

    The graphite finish is a combination of satin nickel and trivalent chrome technology. Inspired by nature, it has a tactile and velvety dark-grey finish with cool-blue undertones which works beautifully with both natural and industrial materials.

    118 Danks St 770

    Dank Street project by Neil Architecture featuring Rogerseller’s Eccentric Shower Rose.

    Tectonic Collection by Rogerseller:

    Some people walk in the rain, while others get wet. Rogerseller’s new Tectonic shower offers the sensation of gentle massaging waterfall or a drenching rain. The revolutionary 3-in-1 collection combines three elements – water, light and steam extraction – for the perfect shower experience. The Tectonic Shower and Extraction System offers a range of downpours, while a soft halo of LED light illuminates the water and a quiet extraction fan lifts the steam away. Featuring a slimline design, the shower and extraction system’s universal aesthetic blends in seamlessly with any surface.

    The Tectonic Accessories collection complements the slim and linear design. It includes shelves, towel rails and robe hooks, all of equal height that can be installed as a continuous feature for a streamlined design.

    est living rogerseller tectonic shower 01

    Tectonic shower image courtesy of Rogerseller

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