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    One of our favourite home grown designs exhibiting at this years Milan Furniture Fair was the beautiful ‘Simply Bathroom Set’ collection designed by Groupwork, the collaborative design initiative directed by Sarah Trotter.

    As part of ‘The Other Hemisphere’ collection of designs showing in Milan, Trotter worked with visual artist Esther Stewart and graduate architect Murray Barker to produce a beautiful bathroom solution ‘to solve mundane and overlooked everyday design problems’. Taking their inspiration from the lack of flexibility in current bathroom fittings available in the market, the team behind Groupwork set about redefining the way in which bathroom fittings work both in terms of their functionality and their aesthetics.

    Using a block, a rail and a bracket as the foundation to the set, the design incorporates re-claimed materials using brass salvaged from yards, old timber reclaimed from workshops and recycled Melbourne bluestone off cuts. Designed and made in Melbourne using materials sourced within a 15km radius of the city, the Simplify Bathroom set cleverly eliminates the need for multiple accessories in the bathroom while ensuring sustainable design and manufacturing practices at the same time.

    Thanks to the Groupwork team this is decluttering at its very best.









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