Sisterhood by Biasol

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    Adding to Hobart’s ever-evolving feast of quality eateries, we explore the exciting new coastal tropical Sisterhood restaurant by Biasol in Sandy Bay.

    With a suite of successful spots to eat and drink to their name, Melbourne design studio Biasol were recently tasked with creating a Tasmanian foodie offering. 

    Joining the next generation of restaurateurs focused on dining and design, Sisterhood owner Yasmin Chung had a vision to create a timeless, fun and vibrant restaurant-cafe. Collaborating with one of Tasmania’s most influential chefs Joshua Mathewson, Sisterhood restaurant combines local, seasonal produce with Biasol’s Mexican-inspired interiors. 

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    Sisterhood restaurant was inspired by a trip to Tulum, where food, design and community accentuate the tropical paradise’s charm. “Looking to the coastal setting, we created a casual and easy-going experience that feels like a tropical destination in the comfort of a local community,” Biasol Principal Jean-Pierre said

    Biasol achieved this through layered textures and earthy tones, prioritising timber joinery, sand-coloured upholstery from Instyle, rattan furniture and rattan pendant lighting. To reflect the coastal locale, the counters were clad with muted green tiles by Heath Ceramics and the sunroom in tropical wallpaper by Catherine Martin for Mokum Studio. The dark-emerald marble countertop from Signorino takes cues from Tulum’s lush rainforest. 

    Custom made planters by Greenscape Walls and ceiling-hung greenery compliment this bohemian atmosphere, while white-painted exposed brick lets light flood into each space. Playful neon-lighting and burnt-orange branding are an ode to Tasmania’s lichen-covered rocky coastline. 

    Biasol sourced the bar seating from The Family Love Tree, the iconic dining chairs from Thonet feature leather detailing by Dawson Street Leather Co, stools through Sunday Society and have peppered the patio with their own Tre Mezzo outdoor tables. General lighting throughout is by Sphera lighting, while the pendant lighting is sourced through The Family Love Tree

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    “Wanting to put Sisterhood on the map, we designed a warm, inviting and textured environment with boho charm inspired by a recent trip to Tulum.”

    – Jean-Pierre, Biasol Principal

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    The layout of Sisterhood is designed to accommodate dine-in and takeaway through open areas and cosier zones. Those dining in for Sisterhood’s fresh, everyday meals ‘with a modern twist’ can enjoy a seat at the bar, communal table, at a banquette inside the restaurant-cafe, sunroom or even on the patio. 

    “We designed the interiors and branding to express Sisterhood’s inclusivity as well as evoke a sense of escapism,” Jean-Pierre said. The designer said they created the brand identity to represent the Sisterhood community, where the brand language has playful messages of positive reinforcement.

    For an island deemed far from tropical, Sisterhood is where Hobart locals can enjoy a nostalgic feeling of being on holiday, close to home. Biasol have ensured every detail contributes to a warm and inviting space, bringing the community together on the foundations of quality company and cuisine.

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