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    As its own private escape within the heart of New York City, Soho Loft expands on an original 19th Century penthouse to create an entertainer’s paradise across its multiple levels. GACHOT worked closely with their global citizen client to ensure moments that they had fallen in love with on their adventures were embedded within the spaces.

    For the client, someone who entertains and works within the fashion industry, being able to express himself and his style within this unique home drove the resulting brief. Originally built in the 1800s, the iconic cast-ironic building that the residence is located within sits comfortably in its Soho locale, as a permanent reminder of the past, and as an identifier of a classically New York vernacular.

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    While the home is steeped in a classic sensibility, pops of colour add movement to the spaces, while every element has been selected for its enduring beauty, defying trends.

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    Having originally purchased the two-level penthouse that sits atop the building, additional area was needed to create a sense of privacy between public and private and allow guests their space when visiting. As a means to navigate access between the levels, and predominantly up toward the private rooftop terrace space, the apartment below was also acquired to funnel movement and orchestrate a natural occupation between the levels.

    The result sees a mix of public and private areas throughout the loft, while also allowing for a sense of separation to be felt between the levels. Integrating landscape and living gardens into the experience of the home was also integral, and through the activation of the surrounding balcony spaces.

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    Unique period details are retained throughout, with a binding and muted palette becoming the foundation for the collected artwork, furniture and lighting throughout.

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    Playing a pivotal role within the home, the dining space allows a coming together of visitors, travelling friends and those who live nearby.

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    Dedicated living areas sit generously within the home as break-out spaces for entertaining, gathering and contemplation – all classically arranged, with reminders of Soho through the openings.

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    As a true celebration of what it is to live in New York, having a private rooftop space as an extension of the home is a crowning moment. An additional stairwell also allows access between the sleeping and more active living levels. The tucking of the kitchen into the level below then frees up more integral floor area on the other floors, grouping functionality.

    A coming together of classical elements and curation of treasures is felt throughout. The salmon-toned powder room becomes a connection to a Paris trip, a memory the owner wanted to emulate while retaining a more muted and calm interior.

    Simplifying and connecting the home across its levels, GACHOT bring a sense of purpose and bind the owner to the spaces, while exuding a New York cool persona.

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