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    It’s often said that behind every great man you can bet your bottom dollar there is one hell of a woman behind him. Since joining husband Piet Boon in his multifunctional design studio over 25 years ago – Karin Meyn has been responsible for the luxe sophisticated style that is synonymous with the Piet Boon brand as we know it today.

    The unique use and combination of materials, shapes and colours with both art and objet is the result of the stylists intuitive approach to design. Meyn’s authentic interpretation of what styling means has been translated into a richly illustrated and beautifully designed sourcebook titled Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn.

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    Demonstrating how easy it is to create a whole new ambience simply by rearranging the existing furniture and adding a few carefully selected accessories or artwork, Meyn’s book has you devouring every look and subtle nuance in an effort to recreate the feeling in your own home.

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    Individual touches and personality are injected through colour-coordinated still life vignettes and treasured personal objet arranged on bases or in transparent cases, forming the signature of Karin’s work.

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    Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn is essential reading for any design enthusiast who shares a love for personalized and unique interiors. As one of our favourite and arguably one of the most distinctive stylists on an international scale, we love Karin Meyn for the practical yet inspirational way in which she creates serenity, harmony and unique ambience, whether for individual rooms or entire homes.

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    TITLE Piet Boon
    STYLING Karin Meyn
    PUBLISHER Terra Lana
    PHOTOGRAPHER Gaelle Le Boulicaut 
    AUTHOR Joyce Huisman

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