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    Before purchasing this once modest, run-down, 1960’s Southhampton home in New York just over four years ago, Swedish-born designer Cecilia Dupire, of design firm Cezign, recognised straight away that what the original home and its recent extension needed was to connect to the garden and its surrounds. With this in mind, Dupire set her sights firmly on ensuring that the two parts of the existing home ‘communicated’ with one another as well as the lush surrounding garden – and in doing so created a fresh new take on Southampton style.

    As the co-designer of Zig, a collection of rectangular furniture pieces that allow for an individual and flexible design arrangement within the home, Dupire’s aesthetic is influenced by a philosophy that views design as an individual interpretation and an interaction that is ever changing.

    In this Southhampton home the changing seasons very much affect the interiors and how Dupire and her family use the space. The addition of glass walls and skylights in some areas of the house, along with the removal of walls in others, has opened up the home to the changing seasons which in turn allows them to influence the mood and feeling of the interior spaces.

    Far from being a stereotypical ‘Hampton’s style’ home, Dupire has chosen to work with the buildings as she found them and has made every effort not to erase their past.  Much like a fine wine that develops with age, the designer has enhanced the pre existing foundation of the home by adding elements to compliment its character.

    In order to elongate and streamline the interior, Dupire specified custom made White Oak floorboards to be cut extra wide and exceptionally long and raised ceilings to add height and a sense of openness to the family home. Coupled with Dipire’s collection of designer furniture, both designed by herself and others, and a mix of vintage store finds, this Southampton home is certainly a fresh new take on what living in the Hampton’s can look like.

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    Charles Large Sofa by Antonio Citterio for B & B Italia at Space, Serge Mouille Three Arm Floor Lamp from DWR, Zig Rectangle Ottoman from Cezign.

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    Another angle of the opened up living room with raised ceiling height and wide White Oak boards.

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    The back wall was removed and replaced with glass to open up home to the garden as well as the light.

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    Zig Outdoor Bench Seating

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