Alterations & Additions | Albert Park Residence by Golden

The Look

This Albert Park Residence is one of Melbourne’s most significant heritage-listed homes and needed the Golden touch – who have delivered no less, in their elegantly modern intervention.

Melbourne’s unique ‘Filigree’ style of architecture stemmed from the Victorian period, signified by its wrought iron balcony and veranda. Falling under this unique architectural style is the Albert Park terrace, whose ornate, laced cast-iron façade and tessellated tiles also gave away its need for some serious design consideration and restoration. Enter local studio Golden, who injected their playful, modern approach within for a ‘confident and layered interior, grounded by a deep respect for its 125-year history’. Working meticulously to the heritage requirements of the home, Golden has revealed a grandiose atmosphere reflective of the home’s heritage pedigree.