Alterations & Additions | Armadale Home by Inglis Architects

The Look

The Armadale Home by Inglis Architects is in one of Melbourne’s most go-to suburbs for quaint cottages and terrace houses. Armadale is filled with beautifully traditional homes of all sizes. But when it came to this particular home, its heritage status was just the starting point. To modernise the home for twenty-first-century family living, Inglis Architects have undertaken a bold architectural update; adding size, spatial dimensions and a definitively contemporary aesthetic.

True to homes of its era, the original home was extremely compartmentalised into individual rooms, penalising light and flow between spaces. The living and kitchen areas were completely seperate, and the adjoining property on the home’s northern boundary further limited natural light. To remedy this, Inglis Architects inserted a two storey courtyard space, bringing light in to both the ground and first floors in key areas such as the living area and master bedroom. The new courtyard also creates a spatial separation between the living room and the rest of the home, encouraging communal activity.