Alterations & Additions | Barcom Terrace by Arent & Pyke

The Look

Once a nine-unit boarding house, the Barcom Terrace is now home to a young family in one of Sydney’s most sought after suburbs. And let us say, mammoth is an understatement when trying to find the word to describe this project. Monumental in proportion, scale and gusto, the Barcom Terrace has reaffirmed our love for classic-to-contemporary interior transformations.

The studio’s first task was to redefine the spatial arrangements to ensure the spaces flowed and seamlessly connected with one another. Essentially, the house was divided into two distinct volumes: the traditional front area of the home and a more industrial and modern zone at the back. This meant the rooms were now clearly defined and there was a coherent dialogue between the classic period details and the homes newly introduced modern character.