Alterations & Additions | Clovelly House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

The Look

For an arty family of five, the south-facing 1950s Clovelly House lacked light and fluency. To craft a unique character, the existing house was completely gutted, save the structural columns and beams. The walls have been replaced by large windows of the external courtyard and Sydney’s eastern shores, bathing the home in natural light. Each space ties together the shared personality of its inhabitants – their belongings, ideas, gatherings, stories and memories – with room for more to be added.

The home is also mindful of its relationship with the environment. Sustainable design practices are embodied in the passive solar design, incorporating solar hydronic flooring and hot water heating. To preserve heat, windows have been double glazed with appropriate eaves on those north facing. Keeping to a principle of minimal waste was developed in the renovation process, where sandstone from the base of the original building was cut and recycled.