Alterations & Additions | Edsall Street by Ritz & Ghougassian

The Look

The Edsall Street Residence by the Ritz & Ghougassian team is strongly influenced by lessons learned from the past, and took inspiration from Japanese architecture, responding to both the heritage requirements and bordering commercial zone. The result is two built envelopes that encompass volume, light and rich materiality to make a lasting impression.

“The project pays homage to the existing Victorian heritage home by re-establishing both the exterior and interiors as a clean white silhouette,” Jean-Paul outlines. It’s difficult to look at Edsall Street without mentioning the masonry, because everything in the house works off these Porcelain GB Smooth concrete blocks from Brickworks, chosen for their light quality. “We really enjoy the idea of expressing the materials that we use honestly — in their natural state,” Jean-Paul says. Owner Julien Moussi certainly agrees; “My favourite part of the home is the bricks and how they are consistent inside and outside,” Julien says.