Alterations & Additions | Farmhouse Style Los Angeles Home

The Look

When you envisage the home of an A-lister, a Farmhouse Style Los Angeles Home isn’t the first thing to come to mind. The homes of Hollywood’s rich and famous are supposed to exude their lavish lifestyle, right? Not for celebrated actress and home design aficionado Diane Keaton. Trading Beverly Hills for barefoot luxury was her idea of home, brought to life by an obsession with Pinterest. From pin to paper, in 1,278 days her brick home was built. Fascinated by her book ‘The House that Pinterest Built’, we took the pleasure of exploring how Diane Keaton’s dream home came to be.

Diane Keaton has long been known for her avid interest in architecture and design. Excited by the idea of designing her own abode, she was quick to start her collection of tear-sheet inspiration from Pinterest. “With Pinterest as my muse, the fantasy of a dream home took off,” Diane said in her book based on this creative project, ‘The House that Pinterest Built’. “Pinterest is a place where wordless juxtapositions are the perfect format for collecting and editing those dreams,” she admits, and where she made the treasure trove of imagery to nail her vision. Then, she invited architect David Takacs and friend and designer Stephen Shadley to take these mood boards to the drawing board.