Bathroom 2 | MLB Residence by Mim Design and AdeB Architects

The Look

True to form, Mim Design in collaboration with AdeB Architects share sleek and contemporary design inside a historic home, adding to their collection of polished interiors tailored to the families within.

The Melbourne suburb of Albert Park isn’t known for its bold extensions or renovations. Packed full of quaint heritage homes, the additions here are most often black-clad two-storey boxes carefully tucked behind the Edwardian or Victorian brick facade. But this Albert Park home is fortunate to back onto a wide laneway which meant it could enjoy more creative freedom than most. AdeB Architects took on this design opportunity structurally, challenging the status quo with an elliptical-shaped extension clad in a pleated perforated aluminium screen. Inside, Mim Design followed suit while being mindful of the occupant’s young clan – a design challenge we’ve seen the studio champion time and time again on est. What’s emanated from their collaborative efforts is a home elevated far beyond its tired old state.