Bedroom | Polychrome House Bedroom by Amber Road

The Look

It’s an absolute given from the outset; the Polychrome House has an infectious sense of fun and adventure designed by Amber Road. The formerly defective sixties brick home in Cronulla, Sydney, was no fit for the happy-go-lucky owner. And who better than Amber Road to create the exact embodiment of joyful living? Described by the studio as ‘an energetic design playground’, this now extended indoor-outdoor retreat by Amber Road has blossomed into a successful union of art, architecture, play and comfort.

Colour was integral to making the Polychrome House a happy and harmonious place to be. Amber Road explained this as a suite of ‘quiet colours’ that act as a base palette in harmony with the existing face brick tones, that are then altered by a secondary palette of electric colours. “Bright primary colours which were layered throughout the interior became the heartbeat of the ‘joyful’ experience we were all committed to creating,” said Yasmine of Amber Road Studio.