Dining | Amagansett House by JHID and TBD

The Look

‘Hamptons style’ has earned a global reputation — so much so, we’re quick to envisage the style at the mere mention of a Hamptons home by JHID and TBD. Refreshingly for this upstate New York abode, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design collaborated with TBD Architecture and Design Studio to take the road less travelled, by designing a Danish-inspired family getaway spot. Departing from the expected, the designers have elevated a home to be as “stylish as its clients”.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design is well versed in heritage preservation. Used to keeping with the traditional theme, it was a welcome venture to take a modern approach in the Amagansett House. This contemporary direction was laid down by local design studio TBD, who fully gutted and reconfigured the two-storey structure, for a completely new floor plan. Nearly every room is different to what it was previously, with the kitchen now located in what was previously a closed-in porch area.