Dining | Darling Point by Alexander & Co.

The Look

Alexander & Co. design a polished new identity for a heritage home on a small block in Sydney’s prestigious Darling Point.

Alexander & Co. have an intrinsic ability to sow the seeds of timelessness into all of their projects. It’s something that regular readers will know we value above all else at est — but equally, not always an easy feat. Since we first discovered Alexander & Co., we have admired their true respect for materiality and craftsmanship; an ethos that rings true in their warm and welcoming Darling Point Project.

While it may be located in one of Sydney’s most coveted neighbourhoods, this Victorian-era brick home and its small block wasn’t the grandest of estates. But it’s now clear even from the outside — retaining only the brick carapace of the two-storey structure — that some serious design intervention was had. Thanks to Alexander & Co. and their bid to bring the best out of the old and a little bit of handmade heart and soul to the interiors, this abode now comfortably fits the Darling Point bill.