Living | The Home of Camilla Freeman-Topper by Alwill Interiors and LRA

The Look

Alwill Interiors and LRA (Luigi Rosselli Architects) was handed the brief to build a modern overlay to encompass a functional family home — but one that pushed boundaries in terms of finishes and forms, celebrated space for art and created a timeless, edgy and inspiring design. Along with all this, Alwill was guided by the home’s architecturally grand scale and strong heritage features.

Quickly realising that they had a symbiotic vision of a minimal northern European feel, they arrived home with plenty of inspiration. Freeman-Topper and Alwill set to work, editing the aesthetic to create their own unique take. Drawing on references from the work of Joseph Dirand and Vincent van Duysen alongside 1930s and ’40s Scandinavian homes, a beautiful juxtaposition between minimal interior forms and richly decorated architectural elements took shape.