Stanley Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

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    Reimagining an existing home, Stanley Residence sees the distillation of its previous self into a stately and elevated contemporary, classically inspired iteration. Williams Burton Leopardi heightens the every day through considered and timeless gestures by focusing on quality and enduring elements.

    Nestled into the inner residential enclave of North Adelaide, Stanley Residence reveals itself through an overgrowth of established and lush vegetation to resemble a form of European resonance. Its symmetrical and prominent sense of place firmly confirms its position as an elevated family residence. The new home emerges intentionally and confidently through a series of alterations and additions with a controlled formality and a clear and generous connection between inside and out.

    From approach and carried through into the internal experience of the home, there is an inherent sense of opulence and volumetric generosity. While other properties bind the home, the formally arranged landscape ensures a protected sense of enclosure encases the home and makes the home feel removed from its residential setting.

    Sprawling three stories, each space liberally opens into the next, emphasised by large full height steel glazed doors and windows. Returning to the home to a place of refinement, thinly profiled steel balustrades articulate the regulated and rhythmic façade, allowing the masonry weight of the home to be felt from outside. Internally, that same weightiness carries through and is expressed in the stone, metal and timber nuances.

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    The B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi Table makes a statement in the foyer.

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    The Grazia&Co Iva Stool and Apparatus Censer in the glamourous kitchen.

    A subtly tonal palette ensures the focus remains on the grand sense of scale and volume created. Within its 12m x 12m form, a series of interconnected yet separate spaces echo a heritage formality, despite the new and contemporary nature of the home. Without misappropriating, the new is proposed as a reinterpretation and a homage to the classics, deliberately avoiding replication.

    Stanley Residence is founded on principles of balance, instilling a natural calm and firmly anchoring it to the site. The fusing of the familiar with the crisply modern ensures a continued relevance and longevity. Through the adding of two opposing wings, Williams Burton Leopardi have created a refined and crafted rendition of the previous home, instilled in time and to its place.

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    Encased in stone, and subtly lit, the retreat spaces bring an element of elevated calm.

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