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    Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, the creative team of STUDIO OINK, Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller, specialise in creating beautiful interiors for both home and set, as well as styling for film and photo productions and creating features for magazines. Focused on creating customized concepts for their clients around the world, Lea and Matthias literally literally live, eat and breathe design together.

    Having recently shot one of their latest projects for a private client in Germany, we were thrilled that Studio Oink chose Est as the first publication to feature their latest work. As part of their scope of works for their interior design projects, Lea and Matthias work with the client to choose artworks and design objet for their homes, using their contacts in both the local art scene in Germany and abroad to find suitable pieces for each individual home.

    Personally, we love the subtle seaside-scapes featured in this apartment – the muted colours and the mix of materials help to tone down the super shiny floor tiles. Here Studio Oink has successfully created a space that appears larger than it actually is by using diaphanous fabrics as room dividers and window coverings. Mixing modern furniture with tactile furnishings works well to create visual interest while retaining a stream lined, pared back aesthetic.

    Instantly calming don’t you think in a room that could have been hard and jarring given the hard surfaces and shiny finishes? The use of ‘hand touched’ ceramics, warm timbers and subtle lighting have helped create a sense of a home that is lived in rather than as a display piece.
















6 comments on “STUDIO OINK

  1. Stunning – would love to have seen more of the apartment and less of what looks like the Ferm catalog stylings.

  2. A stunning space that could so easily have been cold and hard without the super clever use of fabrics, textures and warm metallics. Deeeeeevine!

  3. Wondering who shot this project, I cannot see a credit..

    Its a beautiful project and beautifully shot.

  4. Hi Shannon, it is beautifully shot isn’t it? The team at Studio Oink styled and shot this as one of their projects for a private client.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on your personal preferences Charles. We hyperlink all of our stories so that you can see more of whatever it is that interests you in particular. This way you can explore to your hearts content. Hope you found what you were looking for!

  6. I love the color on the walls! Do you happen to know what color was used, or could you recommend a similar grey? Thank you!!

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