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  • Studio Sisu art studio photographed by Sean Fennessy

    Interior architect Mairead Murphy opened up Studio Sisu to Est recently to share the shared creative workspace she has designed, not only for her own multidisciplinary design practice, Mäike Design Studio, but also for creative, likeminded souls in need of a workspace that exudes light, space and positive flow at the core of its aesthetic. This warehouse conversion in the hipster locale of Northcote, Melbourne houses a handful of lucky designers who now call this their ‘office’.

    Since launching Mäike Design Studio, Mairead has managed to surround herself with a team of independently working, though highly collaborative bunch of creatives who all seem to relish the opportunity to go to work and create in this beautiful space each day. While Muirhead insists the project has been very much a labour of love, its clear to even the average design punter that there has been no shortage of love spared on the studio’s design. With every spare minute for months on end spent building furniture, sewing curtains, painting coat upon coat on each and every wall, Mairead was able to satisfy her inner passion for both building and restoring furniture out of both necessity and desire.

    With a roll call consisting of  artist Sarah Hendy, James Hutson the Creative Media Director for foresight agency, Bridge8, and Raine & Makin, a design and communications agency, Mairead’s Mäike Design Studio has the creative spectrum covered.

    What we particularly love about this shared space is its ability to accommodate large-scale projects, creative workshops and even the odd movie night. Who wouldn’t want that functionality in their own creative work space? And now with Mairead holding ‘Crafternoon Workshops’ on the weekend – we are all invited in to share the sought after space!


    Studio Sisu art studio -photographed by Sean Fennessy
    PHOTOS Sean Fennessy


    Studios Sisu meeting space- photographed by Sean Fennessy
    PHOTO Sean Fennessy


    Studio Sisu library2 -photographed by Sean Fennessy
    PHOTOS Sean Fennessy


    Studio Sisu shared studio -photographed by Sean Fennessy
    PHOTO Sean Fennessy


    Studio Sisu shared studio 2 -photographed by Mairead Murphy
    PHOTOS Mairead Murphy


    Studio Sisu workstations -photographed by Sean Fennessy
    PHOTO Sean Fennessy


    Studio Sisu entry - photographed by Mairead Murphy
    PHOTO Mairead Murphy


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