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    Simplicity and integrity are the true roots of pure Scandinavian design, so when we stumbled across London based Danish designer Nina Tolstrup we couldn’t resist to share. Alongside Husband Jack Mama, Studiomama was born. Designing with the real world in mind, Studiomama’s work is simple, honest and minimal while still holding onto a sense of playfulness, relevance and humour within their designs.

    Up-cycling and pushing the limits of material recycling has been a big influence on their work, which is clear in their product and furniture design. Studiomama’s passion for variety is evidenced in her product designs like the Pallet Chair and the Pallet Floor Lamp where she sends you the instructions on how to make your very own. All you need to do is supply own pallet! Easy.

    The ‘Chalet’ is a perfect example of Studiomama’s ethos with the main focus on creating a functional space for her family that was centered around eating, relaxing and sleeping. Located on the shore of Whitestable, a seaside town in north-east Kent, the open plan living space allows for the family to relax and enjoy the view through the single large glass window overlooking the shore.

    BY Maxine Riedmaier

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