• Decus Rain Clouds adjusted1

    We asked the Est Style Hunters at Decus Interiors to share with us their moodboard covets for April…

    …and fittingly it is Rain Clouds that inspire the Sydney based designers this month.

    “This month our spirit guide told us to look past the rain clouds to find the silver lining. Below you’ll find droplets of sparkling rain and fluffy white clouds.” Decus Interiors

    Est Magazine Jennifer Bright Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut

    When it’s too cold to swim we’re happy with long walks amoung the rock pools. Rock Erosion by Jennifer Bright has captured one of the many reasons why.

    Est Magazine Kvadrat Drizzle 141 Curtain Fabric

    Drizzle isn’t dreary when it’s sparkling in the breeze. Kvadrat’s new Drizzle curtain fabric.



    Decus Rain Clouds adjusted


    Our stairway to heaven was always going to be solid marble. This beauty has been designed by Spanish Architects Suárez Santas for their project Enterprise Park in Arte Sacro.

    Est Magazine Atelier Areti Mimosa Pendant Black Spotti Milan Display

    Atelier Areti’s Mimosa pendant light in a Spotti Milan display. We think it’s the most elegant strand of DNA we’ve come across. Suits both traditional & contemporary interiors.

    Est Magazine Dilmos Design Milan Ron Gilad The Line The Arch The Circle The Square 2012

    Carved blue marble. Say no more. Ron Gilad ‘The Line, The Arch, The Circle & The Square’ exhibition at Dilmos Design, Milan 2012.


    1. Grappa Pendant Light by WonderGlass.

    2. Botolo Armchair by Cini Boeri at Arflex.

    3. Vase by Rimma Tchilingarian.

    4. Umbre side tables at Stéphane Parmentier.

    5. Coque Armchair by Philippe Hiquily.

    6. Floor Lamp by Workstead.




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