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    Lucy Marczyk


    I’ve recently been to Singapore. I love the diverse offering of food from hawkers markets to fine dining Michelin-starred restaurants, innovative architecture to beautiful botanic experiences. Lush green streets, automatic sliding doors, fast cars… I always leave inspired and energised.

    est living style hunter park royal lucy marczyk
    est living style hunter lucy marczyk
    est living style hunter hotel puerta america
    est living style hunter monocle lucy marczyk
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    est living style hunter jeff mills lucy marczyk

    “I always leave Singapore inspired and energised….” LUCY MARCZYK


    The Park Royal in Singapore is a seriously impressive hotel. The architecture mixes man-made modern materials with nature stone layered with plant facades. Exterior surfaces flow into the ground floor lobby creating a unique blend of nature and future. I really admire WOHA’s work.


    I’m all about scuba fashion right now, especially my Leghila neoprene handbag.


    I love working with solid surfaces – seamless, no-porous and futuristic. I’m working on a sculptural island bench design in Alpine White S-28. I am very inspired by Zaha Hadid’s Hotel Puerta America.


    Monocle’s Guide to Better Living is on my coffee table at the moment.


    Iggy’s at the Hilton Hotel Singapore presents food like exquisite pieces of art. The restaurant’s ambience is unique as there are only 10 tables and the interior design features surprise – luxurious marble finished hidden in the kitchen and painted plasterboard in the restaurant.


    Jeff Mills and Derrick May pioneered techno culture in Detroit in the ’50s and recently collaborated with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. It’s the perfect mix of traditional music and tech tunes.

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