Style Nomad

  • est1 StyleNomad ©DoswellMcLean orchard tent

    est1 StyleNomad ©DoswellMcLean orchard tent

    As children we all loved to make tents using the dining room table, as we grow up we look to set up camp in lots of different fields. Living in a transient society means we move homes more often and with greater frequency. With each new home our style evolves to take on a different character of a home.

    With rise in property prices and increase in people renting, there are less people owning a home and more people ‘borrowing’ their home. Home is where the heart is and you can make it yours by personalising it with belongings that hold meaning and memories.

    Est knows that the most important element of living with style is to surround yourself with all that you love.

    Surround yourself with things that only make you feel good – not weigh you down. Don’t over think it – just do it!


    PHOTOGRAPHY Colin Doswell
    STYLING Deb McLean
    WORDS Sian MacPherson

    est1 StyleNomad ©DoswellMcLean orchard scissors

    est1 StyleNomad ©DoswellMcLean orchard box

    est1 StyleNomad ©DoswellMcLean horse float


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