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    Placing your home on the market can be stressful at the best of time. Seizing the opportunity to make the most of your homes sale campaign requires a little bit of foresight and planning, and just a little inconvenience, as you try to live in a ‘magazine shoot worthy home’ with children who have a penchant for wiping vegemite fingers on the backs of chairs and kicking shoes off against walls. Then there is the home ‘propping’ with drool-worthy furniture and accessories to make even the most jaded of design magazine editors green with envy. Styling for sale is certainly worth the expense as soon as you see the cold hard financial rewards that can be achieved.

    But if you can bear the pain for a couple of weeks – you could be laughing all the way to your next celebratory holiday as you reap in the profits of an offer made above reserve price for your humble, or not so humble, abode. And there is nothing like a holiday incentive to reward yourself for your hard work right?

    Take a leaf out of Stockholm based real estate agents, Fastighetsbryan’s handbook and commission a stylist to makeover your home in order to win over prospective buyer – or three. Here stylist Tina Hellberg has reconfigured the interior styling of a three bedroom, Stockholm based apartment list on the market last year. To see the home styled in a different aesthetic – take a look here for stylist Mikael Beckman’s take on the same home.

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    PHOTOGRAPHER: Marcus Lawett

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