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    As a reader of Est you would be totally across the fact that styling is pretty damn important when it comes to showing off a home’s finest assets. Creating a sense of home while highlighting the individual character and style of the building not only entices people in, it also encourages them to want to spend more when looking to purchase. Styling for sale, or in other words, encouraging prospective buyers to visualise themselves living in the home, whether it be curling up with a book by the window or entertaining friends out on the deck, will ensure a premium price is paid when it comes to selling your own private little idaho.

    Confirming the proof is in the pudding, the clever people at Fastighetsbyrån Real Estate in Stockholm have taken inspiration from American psychologist, Sally Augustin’s report, ‘Home Styling- Use Design Psychology For a Faster Sale and a Higher Price’, and used three of Sweden’s leading stylists to style one apartment in 3 different ways in order to capture both the buyers imagination and attention.

    The washup from the styling exercise saw the apartment sell immediately after viewing for 5.95 million SEK (approx $920,000 AUD). Around 1.15 million SEK (approx $178,000 AUD) more than what the highest bid received one year earlier for the same unstyled apartment – an increase well above the average for the area.

    Today we share with you  Version 1 as styled by Mikael Beckman…

    Est Magazine A 1

    Est Magazine B 1

    Est Magazine F 1

    Est Magazine D 1

    Est Magazine K 1

    Est Magazine J 1

    Est Magazine H 1

    Est Magazine E 1

    Est Magazine G 1

    Est Magazine EX 2


    PHOTOGRAPHER:  Marcus Lawett.

    STYLIST: Mikael Beckman

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