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    Last month I was invited to join the Australian Kit & Ace team for an art inspired Supper Club event ahead of their first Brisbane store opening in the James Street shopping precinct. The wine was flowing and the middle eastern fare from Gerard’s was generously shared around the table as we all imbibed in great food and wine and scintillating conversation.

    Held in the gallery of TW Fine Art, the feature artist of the evening was local illustrator and writer Gert Geyer who shared her year long project of letter writing with us. We were thrilled to hear of the content of some of her hand written letters – and even more excited to hear that the artist managed to elicit responses from superstars by the likes of Sir David Attenborough. We all left the gallery vowing to return to the art from of letter writing ourselves.

    To date, I am yet to write one….but I’m mindful of it and that’s all the difference, right?


    Est Magazine KitAce Supper Club2

    Baby root vegetable dish from Gerrard’s.


    Est Magazine KitAce Sian MacPherson Gery Geyer

    Artist Gert Geyer on the left.

    Est Magazine KitAce Supper Club4

    Est Magazine KitAce Supper Club01

    Est Magazine KitAce Supper Club3

    Est Magazine KitAce Supper Club

    Est Magazine KitAce Gert Geyer

    Est Magazine KitAce Gert Geyer.1

    Above: The Year of Letters by Gert Geyer. One letter every weekday for a year from JULY 2014 – JULY 2015.

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