Amber Road

  • The Edit | Dining Nooks

    We’ve collated our seven favourite dining nooks; a clever way to maximise limited dining space or create a cosy spot to gather near the kitchen.

  • Celebrating the 2019 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards

    We’re celebrating the talented Australian interior design crew who took out titles in the 2019 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards.

  • Polychrome House by Amber Road

    Amber Road design a home that breaks all the rules, thanks to the creative collaboration and consistency of designer, artist and owner. 

  • Earth, Wind and Fire by Luigi Rosselli Architects

    Luigi Rosselli Architects deliver an architectural chart topper by focusing on rammed earth at the core of a Federation home transformation in Sydney.

  • The 1906 Apartment by Amber Road

    Amber Road design a stylish gentleman’s ‘pie in the sky’ – an elegant, moody and thoroughly thought-out apartment overlooking the Sydney Harbour.

  • Pacific Bondi Apartment by Amber Road

    Sydney-based design studio Amber Road take on a dark apartment in a old hotel overlooking Bondi beach, to join its owner on a journey for ‘new beginnings’.

  • Interview: Amber Road

    Speaking with Yasmine Ghoniem and Katy Svalbe, the talented sister duo behind one of our favourite Sydney design studios.