Architects EAT

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    In this Design Covet, we explore seven stand-out examples where exposed bricks impart a unique, honest appeal to the interiors of a home.

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    To welcome the new year, we’ve chosen to hero five recently-opened venues that embody the ethos of Australian hospitality design.

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    The esteemed 10 recognises a cross-section of visionary Australian architects and designers in 2022, spanning perspective, aesthetic and intent.

  • Carpenter’s Square by Architects EAT

    Architects EAT’s The Carpenter’s Square takes form on site as a considered balance between open and closed elements, elevating liveability.

  • Art at Home | Organic Sculptures

    In this Art at Home feature, we appreciate how eight artists form organic sculptures by exploring the unique qualities of clay and stone.

  • Bellows House by Architects EAT

    Architects EAT establish a family sanctuary in the heart of Flinders, Victoria with a deep connection to both people and place.

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    We’re exploring four Australian architects that are designing resilient homes for the future.

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    Celebrating the best of home-grown talent with our round up of top ten Australian designers for 2018.

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    We chat with the founding fathers of Melbourne firm Architects EAT about their lessons learnt and why architecture can be a bit like building a rocket.

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    Celebrating the cream of the crop in Australian Design, the 2017 AIDA Award winners were announced last week. We explore five standout projects.