Art and artists

  • Art at Home | Geometric Exploration

    An art concept that often guides interiors, we reflect on the colourful world of Geometric Exploration in this Art at Home feature.

  • Sculptor Kieu Tran Debuts in Californian Exhibition

    As the artist in residence until the end of October 2021, Kieu Tran presents her debut collection, titled ‘BLOOM’.

  • Tom Fereday Designs a Bespoke Furniture Collection for the AGNSW

    Multi-award winner Sydney furniture designer Tom Fereday joins forces with the Art Gallery of New South Wales to craft a highly contextual guest seating collection.

  • Art at Home | The Human Body

    For our third Art at Home feature, we reflect on the emotive topic of the human body – a subject long depicted in traditional art.

  • Art at Home | Whimsical Landscapes

    In our second round-up for the Art at Home series, we look at seven artists who explore a modern interpretation of the landscape.

  • Art at Home | Photography and the Environment

    In the first feature of our Art at Home series, we explore environmental art photography through the lens of eight pre-eminent photographers.

  • Elizabeth Bay Apartment by Handelsmann + Khaw

    Elizabeth Bay Apartment by Handelsmann + Khaw is a home of cohesive, Belgian-inspired ambience imbued with a cosy silken lustre.

  • Melbourne Penthouse II by K.P.D.O.

    K.P.D.O lift subtle cues from the eclectic postmodernism movement and New York City living in their overhaul of a Melbourne CBD penthouse.

  • Spanish Queen House by Robson Rak

    Robson Rak celebrate Spanish mission architecture and 1920s splendour in their revival of a family’s home in Brighton, Melbourne.

  • Rosedale House by Cera Stribley Architecture and Interior Design

    Rosedale House attains to an architectural purity that mediates between clinical aesthetics and sensorial engagement.

  • Hampden Road House by Archier

    Hampden Road House by Archier harbours a distilled drama that seamlessly navigates heritage and contemporary aesthetics, bestowing a new narrative.

  • Brae House by Georgina Jeffries

    Brae House portrays the ambient elegance of the 1920s which has been harmoniously resurrected and evolved by contemporary sensibilities.

  • Brighton Homestead by Robson Rak

    Enter a unique homestead revival by Robson Rak, who’ve injected the home’s scale and stature into a modern extension, to create an enviable home to grow up in.

  • Albert Park Home by Robson Rak

    Local design firm Robson Rak create a distinctive family home by marrying a weatherboard cottage and heritage stables, through an architectural extension.

  • Interview with Otomys Directors

    We’re welcomed inside Otomys gallery to chat with co-directors Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott on the value of art in the home and their new London base.

  • Mixing Old & New for Contemporary Charm

    We take inspiration from four go-to global designers to explore new ways to pair the old and new together for an effortless aesthetic.

  • The Art of Interiors with Otomys x Studio Tate

    Join us for an est reader event with Otomys Art and Studio Tate to discuss how artwork and interior design connect and complement each other.

  • Glace Noir by Kate Ballis

    Australia photographer Kate Ballis turns her camera to the dramatic natural landscape of Argentina, with her latest exhibition ‘Glace Noir’ casting a different light.