Atelier Barda

  • Interview with Atelier Barda co-founder Cecile Combelle

    Our chat with Atelier Barda co-founder Cecile Combelle, on establishing their Montreal firm, European design influence and storytelling in a space.

  • Gauthier Residence by Atelier Barda

    We take a dose of design from our French Canadian friends at Atelier Barda, who’ve excelled at a rural abode for the horse lover and artist within.

  • Villeneuve Residence by Atelier Barda

    The Canadian studio transform an inner-city commercial building for family living by making the most of both public and private spaces.

  • Apartment Saint-Laurent by Atelier Barda

    Designed to host guests of a fashion brand while in town, this Montreal apartment boasts both sophisticated style and a welcoming aesthetic.