Belgian design

  • Brussels Apartment by Stef Claes

    Belgian architect Stef Claes shares his latest residential project, the redesign of an inner-city Brussels apartment.

  • Light Years by Marie Lecluyse

    Set against a rural Belgian backdrop, interior designer Marie Lecluyse proves beauty can be found in simplicity.

  • Designer Focus | Belgian Bathrooms with Dries De Malsche

    We learn the Belgian way in the bathroom with St-Niklaas-based interior designer Dries De Malsche who shares insight on his signature style.

  • Midan Penthouse by Frederic Kielemoes

    Frederic Kielemoes introduces refined minimalism to a penthouse in the Belgian coastal town of Knokke-Heist.

  • Project DT by JUMA Architects

    Belgian-based JUMA Architects restore a grand old home in Brussels to its former glory – with a contemporary twist.

  • Residence DVB by Dries De Malsche

    Embedded in a resort town along the Belgian Coast, Dries De Malsche’s Residence DVB is a warm and tranquil family home.

  • Belgian Apartment by Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden

    Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden join forces to design a two-storey apartment on the Belgian coast. 

  • Where Architects Live | Mathieu Luyens and Julie Van De Keere

    We take you on a tour of the Belgian home of JUMA Architects directors Mathieu Luyens and Julie Van De Keere, their two daughters and cat called Cookie.

  • Zoute Apartment by TJIP

    Enter a bespoke studio apartment suite by TJIP in Knokke-Heist, Belgium inspired by the sand and sun of the Belgian coastline. 

  • Kortrijk House by Hans Verstuyft

    We’re off to the Belgian town of Kortrijk to wander through a circa 1950s French-inspired villa of the same name, refurbished by Hans Verstuyft.

  • Belgian Design in the Kitchen

    In partnership with Gaggenau, we’re exploring the hallmarks of Belgian design in some of the country’s beautifully-resolved kitchens.

  • Lokeren Apartment by Baeten Hylebos Architecten

    Through subtle layering and minimal structural elements, Baeten Hylebos Architecten redesign an apartment in central Lokeren, Belgium.

  • Belgian Farmhouse by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    In a country that cradles its revered design aesthetic, Belgian interior architect Pieter Vanrenterghem affirms his hold on the Flemish rural vernacular through a minimalist estate.

  • Clay Stories | Atelier Vierkant

    With their range exclusively available at Cosh Living, we explore how artisanal qualities continue to define Atelier Vierkant’s world-class clay collections.

  • Zeedjik Apartment by TJIP

    When size is no obstacle; this subtle contemporary home by TJIP draws on rich stone and neutral shades for maximum sophistication.

  • Minimalist Belgian style from Frederic Kielemoes

    Subtle yet strongly original, the H Ardooie project is an elegant realisation of contemporary European minimalism.

  • Interview: Nicolas Schuybroek

    Taking time out with celebrated Belgian Architect Nicolas Schuybroek to discuss his design background, philosophy and works.

  • The G-House by Olivier Dwek

    Modern minimalism and classicism gently align in this charming restoration of a three-storey townhouse in Brussels.